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A FICTIONista discusses her subject

Sarah Kathryn York talks about The Anatomy of Edouard Beaupré for The University of Waterloo:


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Pull on your boots, gals, less than two weeks and we’re off! It is a pleasure to be part of FICTIONistas. I am eager to meet the wonderful writers on our tour, and become better acquainted with a variety of new works. It’s going to be a peripatetic blast on the femmewagon (it’s not all on foot), and I am thankful for this experience. Forums like this one, which bring together creative women of all stripes in a spirit of collaboration, are badly needed. There, I said it. To that end, kudos to our fine houses and the talented Amber Goldie.

Like Margaret, I also love the idea of a panel discussion in Calgary. So much happens at the edges of writing that seldom gets voiced. We can talk about meaningful subjects, connect our themes, explore the funny bits, and extend the conversation beyond the page. I look forward to those unexpected questions or topics that really open up a room.

Our kick-off for the tour is in my hometown of Toronto. In spring, bursting bloom, the city comes alive. People leave their windworn caves and start strolling the streets again. It’s a happy way to start. Expect a warm, celebratory welcome.Each of the cities and events we’re attending has its own magic, and I will learn what I can from my localistas. Pace, Saskatchewan, where both Coteau Books and my stories are set.  You can read a bit more about the book, if you like, here. There is a short author bio included also.

While I admire the professional feat of this tour, I admit that when I heard we were carpooling to Edmonton, I instantly imagined a road trip film. What a treat to attend all these readings, as well as to participate.

Ride ‘em out!


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