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The Calgary dialogues

Love the idea of the Fictionistas in a panel discussion in Calgary. I was lucky enough to be included in a similar event  with Ami McKay (she of Virgin Cure and Birth House fame) and Frances Greenslade who had just published the wonderful novel Shelter last fall. The three of us had a blast and discussed some important things: mothering, abandonment, the deflowering experience. It was moderated by the amazing (dare I say iconic?) Sharon Butala and proved to be well attended and informative.

I think the more women can speak to themes in fiction, themes in the female experience, the more we will understand and honour each other and collectively move into places of power. Good on Simone Lee of Pages on Kensington for getting a conversation started. Join us.  Join in.

Let’s see, if it’s Calgary it must be May 6th.  Fictionistas crave controversial conversations in Cowtown! Yippee-yahoo


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From the Territories to TO: road trippin’ with Body Trade

Gearing up for the great Toronto to Vancouver book tour with Fictionistas…aka fun fun fun. I’m just getting familiar with WordPress but if anyone wants to get familiar with me (in a strictly professional sense, or course) check out this cool profile my publisher created at Macpherson-news. I’m terrible at updating blogs,  mostly because I can’t keep all those passwords in my head and remember the names of my children at the same time, but for this fabulous Fictionista site I’m certainly willing to try. Looking forward to reading about (and meeting) my feminista fellow writers.

It may not be about the shoes, but is it sandal weather in Ontario in early May? We’re still sloughing through snow here in Edmonton after a spring blizzard.

Ahh, forget the white stuff. Think white pines, maples, Kensington Market, Yonge Street, old friends, huge lakes to rival Great Slave, Harbourfront, The Park Plaza, the AGO, oh, oh Ontario, bring it on.  To say nothing of  Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver. Fictionistas, here we go!


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