Past FICTIONistas

Once a FICTIONista, always a FICTIONista! Our community grows each season. Past FICTIONistas can often be found hosting the new batch of FICTIONista-lings on tour, or joining the throng again with their new books.

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Click on the links below for more about each FICTIONista.

Alison Preston, Angie Abdou, Arley McNeney, Barb Howard, Brenda Niskala, Britt HomlstromByrna Barclay, Cassie Stocks, Dede Crane, Marina Endicott, Gayleen Froese, Genni Gunn, Heather Birrell, Janice MacDonald Jeanette Lynes, Kathleen Wall, Margaret MacPherson, Rachel Wyatt, Rhea Tregebov, Sarah Kathryn York, Sue Sorensen, Wendy McGrathYasmin Ladha.


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