What Not to Wear

I’m counting the days until the start of the Fictionista’s book tour. Actually, right now I’m counting down the hours waiting to board a delayed flight in Montreal that will take me back to Vancouver for a scant 48 hours, before I get back on a flight to Toronto to start the tour. I digress.

To prepare for the tour, I should be selecting passages that will work well with many audiences or brainstorming engaging questions about women’s literature to converse about with my brilliant colleagues. Instead, I’m thinking about book touring wardrobes. One of the things that first attracted me to writing was that I could do it in sweatpants. Writing the book is a grueling process in itself, but it takes a whole different set of skills to emerge blinking from your apartment/cave and share your writing with the world, and one of those skills is the ability to put together a public persona that makes you look like a real writer-type-person.

You want to look polished, but not “trying too hard” or too corporate or too eccentric. You want to prepare for both Winnipeg blizzards and Vancouver rain. You want to blend in, but stand out. You want something at least moderately wrinkle-proof. It’s enough to make a girl want to crawl back into her sweatpants.

When I first started reading my work, I would always wear a top that was either lowcut, shiny or bright. My theory was that people would be too busy staring at my shirt to pay attention to my quavering voice and shaking hands. Now, however, I’ve gained some confidence and shed my sequined security blanket. It’s time for a wardrobe to match.

So, oh writers and Fictionista fans, give me your book touring fashion tips. How do you select what to wear on a book tour?


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